Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Medical Devices Oem Custom Printed Elastic Cohesive Medical Band Aid
Elastic Cohesive Band Aid

Item specifics

100% Cotton, non woven, PE, cotton fabric,
Instrument classification
Class III
OEM, 72*19mm, 70*18mm, 72*25mm,
Shelf Life
2 Years
Medical Adhesive
minor wounds, scrapes
Skin, Brown, White or customized
ISO13485-2014, CE, TUV, BRC, BSCI



Medical Band Aid


1. For small wounds use and to fix pinhead of intravenous transfusion.
2. Strong absorbency to clean the wound noxious substances around the wound, blood, and effusions can be absorbed in fiber micropore rapidly and completely.
3. Material can be PVC, PE, PU, plain fabric, or non-woven fabric.
4. Size: 72 x 19mm, round size(25mm/22mm diameter), other sizes available on requirement .
5. Different cartoon drawing for choosing or your own drawing is available.Popular with children, youth, and fashion people.
6. It can stop bleeding, and protect wounds.
7. Strongly elastic and it's not easy to fall.

How to use: Open the package; use it according to the medical routine.


1. Gently clean the wound with water after wash hands before using a medical band-aid. 
2. Apply a medical band-aid to the wound, ensuring the adhesive part of the dressing does not come into contact with the wound
3. The medical band-aid can be left in place for several days and is sticking well. 
4. Change the first aid plaster if it is damaged.

1. Breathable, comfortable protection

2. Long-lasting adhesive, secure and continuous fixation

3. Highly absorbent cushion pad

4. Safe barrier against germs and bacteria

5. Waterproof or non-waterproof. Elastic or non-Elastic

* BREATHABLE + LATEX FREE: Picture an adhesive bandage that is comfortable for you to wear all day and doesn't cut off air to your wound, while both protecting allowing open cuts to heal faster. Because our knuckle bandages are made from LATEX FREE, hypoallergenic, stretchable woven fabric you’ll be able to wear the bandages without discomfort. 

* TOP QUALITY DURABLE BANDAGES: Our Neutral tan color bandages will stay in place longer while you live life all day at work or school, out in the garden and playing sports. They protect on all sides, sealing out dirt and germs. 

* SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

76*50Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*25Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
72*19Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
55*18Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
38*38Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
40*10Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
Ø22Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
Ø25Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
45*51Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*45Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*38Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
100*50Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
Question 1: You are factory or Trade Company?
Answer:We are factory.

Question 2: If can do with our logo or same as our sample?
Answer:Yes,of course.Our main work is producing customized items.

Question 3: When can I get the price?
Answer:It will take about 30mins to check all details and make quotation list for you.

Question 4: What is the time for sampling or delivery?
Answer:Normally,7-8days for sample then 12-15days for production.

Question 5: Could you show us the design with our logo before we make payment?
Answer:That is no problem,we can do rough design to show how it look.

Question 6: What is the payment terms?
Answer:30% deposit and balance before shipping,we will take photo show details when goods ready.